The art of stripping is as old as the World, yet it never loses its attraction as the erotic aspects of it tap into the most primal instincts of man. Over the years stripping has become a full blown profession, with top performers that will put on a show to remember.

Strippers can be seen at the so called strip clubs, but can also be hired to perform on special occasions, parties or events.

Thanks to the flexible nature of the profession, strip acts can be tailored to just about any need and are therefore suitable for a wide variety of special events.

Over the years strippers have been hired to perform at birthdays, stag parties, hen nights and many other private but also public parties

Strippers are not to be confused with erotic dancers, as there is a distinct and obvious difference between the two professions. A stripper will take their clothes off during their act, while an erotic dancer will be dressed in sexy clothing, but never take them off.

While there are many varieties to the classic strip act, one popular aspect will almost always be a part of it, and that is the ever popular lap dance where the stripper performs an enticing act on somebody’s lap (usually the guest of honor at the party).

There are male strippers as well as female strippers and usually they can be booked through any agency.

There are many performers who can be hired on a personal basis, but hiring a strip act through an agency is usually more reliable and tends to make for a more professional performance.

On the other hand, certain requests may be easier to make personally rather than through an agency with set policies.

At clubs you usually find the classic strip acts involving pole dancing and requests like lap dances and other extras which can usually be arranged there also, although you may find that for certain requests booking a stripper privately may be easier and more suitable.

Booking a strip act in today’s digital age is as easy as pushing a button thanks to the popularity of the Internet, because of which it is now easier than ever to browse through databases of performers in your area, which you can hire to perform at your special occasion.

In any case, over the years the art of stripping has become an accepted and professional occupation and continues to entice millions of people all over the world.