The stripogram is the next step up from the kissogram, which was a popular means of delivering a message during a party or other special occasion.

Where with a kissogram a sexy male or female would deliver a specific message (usually a rhyme of sorts) along with a kiss, like the name suggests a stripagram delivers a message while the performer does a strip act.

The stripogram gained in popularity during the late nineties, when it was often used as a replacement for the kissogram.

Due to its own popularity the kissogram stopped being an original way to deliver a message, and the stripogram was there to fill the void.

Just like the kissogram, the stripogram can be delivered in many ways, from the girl jumping from a large cake, to the hunky policeman, or whatever you decide to choose.

Unlike a kissogram that can be tailored for any occasion and suitable for all ages, a stripogram is suitable for mature audiences only because it lays the emphasis more on the erotic aspect, so it is safe to say that stripograms can be tailored to fit many occasions, they certainly are not suitable for all occasions.

As stated, stripagrams can be tailored to the requirements of occasion and of course there are various degrees of erotica that can be applied.

Where some strippers will go all the way and strip down until completely naked, others will stop at their underwear.

Some performers have specific limits, more often than not, it is at the request of the person doing the hiring that decides whether or not a stripper will go all the way during the act.

Like with the kissagram, performers come in all shapes and sizes, whether you are looking for a model, a large lady, stud or glamour boy most agencies offer them all, and even transsexuals and drag queens are part of the assortment of performers that can be hired for the act.

The actual performance does not have to be limited to delivering the message, but can also include lap dances, or other specifics. In any event all requests must be made clear before hiring the performer to deliver the stripogram, in order to avoid any disappointments.

Most performers can be hired through an agency, although it is possible to hire one directly, as some strippers do work for themselves.

Hiring a performer to deliver a stripogram should not be a hard task to accomplish.

Agencies providing the service are available anywhere in the country, and finding one that suits your needs should be easy.

These days, thanks to the World Wide Web, it is even easier to make a choice.