Bachelor parties, better known as Stag nights in the UK are typically organised by whoever is going to be the best man at the wedding.

It is the last night of freedom for the husband to be so it should become an event to remember in the years to come.

Like hen parties, stag parties can range from a night on the town to an entire weekend, and comes in all sorts and sizes.

Typical events during such a party are the lap dances and strip acts for the future groom, enabling him to have one last night of fun that his future wife certainly would not allow.

A stag party is for the husband to be only, in fact it is traditionally unacceptable for the wife to be to be present at such an event.

The best man for the wedding is responsible for organizing the whole thing, starting with the invitations to booking the acts and everything else for the party.

During the event itself the best man will be responsible for the group as a whole, making sure they stay together (depending on the activity) and making sure everybody stays in check.

The best man is also in charge of the finances for the party, he will make sure rounds, meals and everything else are paid for.

Usually some form of collection is held from the groom’s friends before the actual party to finance the event.

Typically those types of parties are held at a club or several clubs, but a stag party could also be part of a weekend which entails camping, hiking or other outdoor activities the husband to be and his friends enjoy. Typically the party at the club will function as the grand finally for the bachelor weekend.

At such a party, strippers and other erotic acts are quite common, kissograms or strippograms and lap dances are an often witnessed event at stag parties, and another reason why the wife to be should not be present.

Her presence would only make the husband to be uncomfortable and hold back, and thus make enjoying the stag party to the fullest extent impossible.

Stag parties are usually held the night before the actual wedding is to take place, and afterwards it is also the best man’s responsibility to get the husband to be to the altar, in good shape and on time to make the ultimate commitment.