Parties traditionally come in all sorts and sizes. From parties organized within the comforts of your own home, to full blown events held at clubs or even sports arenas for celebrating major events.

Parties are a means to celebrate and just like there are different types of things to celebrate, there are different types of parties to celebrate the occasion.

There are also parties that help when searching for a partner called Ladies Nights.

This type of party is usually organized at nightclubs and aim to attract females by letting them in for free, while males get charged the regular entrance fee.

The general idea is to have an ample supply of women inside the establishment that men can meet.

For this reason Ladies Nights are a great way to meet a partner, or often just a one night stand. Whatever the outcome, this type of party always was and still remains highly popular.

A party that is organized for people about to get married is usually called a hen or stag party, otherwise known as a bachelorette or bachelor party.

Stag parties are usually held at nightclubs and will involve strippers, kissograms, and more sexy fun, as the goal of this type of party is to celebrate the last day of freedom for the husband to be.

Very large parties would be called events, and good examples of such an event are the major dance parties where popular DJ’s play their tunes to a large crowd. For events of this scale, just as with rock concerts, sports arenas and other large areas are used.

There are also the traditional holiday parties, like Christmas parties and New Years parties.

These types of parties are also mostly organized in clubs, where traditionally their regular members get together during the holidays to party.

Besides the above there can be many other specific parties that are held at clubs or at home, like anniversaries, promotions and of course birthdays. What gets celebrated is always a matter of personal taste, as some people for example like to celebrate their birthday in a big way, while others do not like to celebrate and attempt to conceal the fact that it actually is their birthday.

Whatever the occasion, parties are as old as man and will always remain a popular way to get together with friends, family or just with likeminded people. One could go as far as to state that parties and social events are what bring a community together.