1. As this type of entertainment is deemed as adult entertainment the Ebony & Ivory Agency  will not accept any booking from anyone below the age of 18.   The individual to receive the stripper must also be over the age of 18.
  2. IMPORTANT: Please make sure that you have prior permission from the venue’s owner before booking any kissogram, strippogram or striptease show. This is due to the licensing laws regarding forms of nudity, striptease and especially full nudity.
  3. The agency booking deposit is non refundable unless your stripper cancels.  You will receive a receipt for your booking deposit via email.  You will pay your stripper upfront in cash on the day of your event.  For Terms & Conditions click here
  4. Safety to Our Represented Entertainer
    The Ebony & Ivory Agency entreats all clients and fellow bodies to treat ‘Ebony & Ivory Entertainers’ with utmost respect and dignity. The Ebony & Ivory Agency will not tolerate any threatening verbal or physical abuse directed towards any represented ‘Ebony & Ivory Entertainer’. If any incident occurs the entertainer will leave at once from the venue and the Ebony & Ivory Agency will contact the Police forthwith and also legal action maybe taken.
    Due to safety and security reasons, the Ebony & Ivory Agency is very reluctant to accept bookings for Stag Parties in private homes.
  5. ALCOHOL ABUSE: Please make sure that when planning a Birthday Party, Hen or Stag Night, Leaving Party etc., that the level of alcohol is controlled as this can greatly affect and change peoples’ behaviour and contribute to violent abusive behaviour. There is nothing worse than performing to a drunken obnoxious person or party of people. It is always a good idea to introduce food to the party and also delicious non-alcoholic soft drinks and mineral water. The idea is to get the party to drink less alcohol not more and thereby making the event far more enjoyable.
  6. DRUG ABUSE: The Ebony & Ivory Agency will NOT tolerate any form of drug abuse at any party or social event where one of our represented entertainers is booked to perform.
  7. When a booking is placed please think about the intended individual to be surprised. Would they be offended by any kissogram or striptease routine? Are they shy, reserved or would be deeply offended or embarrassed? A kissogram, stripgram/ stripper entertainer is there to provide a FUN NON-INTIMIDATING enjoyable memorable night for a particular person or group of people. The Ebony & Ivory Agency DOES NOT provide entertainers that will cause offence, humiliation or shame to any person. If you are looking for such an entertainer then the Ebony & Ivory Agency is NOT for you.
  8. Important Legal Disclaimer:
    Please note that is is illegal in the UK to impersonate a Police Officer. The Police Officer costume when worn by a Ebony & Ivory Entertainer is only for sartorial or dramatic effect and the entertainer will not impersonate or act as a Policeman or woman.

Terms & Conditions of Service

  1. The Ebony & Ivory Entertainment Agency acts as a representative for professional self-employed entertainers only and is not a party of the contract between the booking client and the respective entertainer. For this reason we cannot accept responsibility for non-fulfillment or breach of any such contract, but every reasonable safeguard is assured.
  2. The Ebony & Ivory Entertainment Agency charges a commission fee either in the form of a ‘booking deposit’ via the booking client or to the represented entertainer by invoice after the booking date.
  3. CANCELLATIONS: In the event of cancellation by the booking client within 2 weeks from the booking date of performance, the booking client will need to pay the booked entertainer a designated cancellation fee- this will be printed on the booking contract and varies according to the type of entertainer or entertainment service. This cancellation fee can be paid to the Ebony & Ivory Entertainment Agency and shall be forwarded to the respective entertainer or entertainment company.
  4. Booking deposits are non-refundable, except when an engagement is cancelled by the entertainer in which case all deposits will be repaid in full to the booking client.
  5. The balance due on the booking is payable as cash on the night to the entertainer unless otherwise stated.
  6. The booking client is to provide a suitable performing area. Unless otherwise agreed the booking client must provide an electrical supply where electrical equipment is to be used as part of a performance. Where the entertainer is expected to wear costumes the booking client must provide adequate dressing or changing room facilities.
  7. Force Majeure: The Ebony & Ivory Entertainment Agency cannot be held liable or accountable to acts of nature, terrorism or unforeseen circumstances beyond its control.
  8. The Ebony & Ivory Entertainment Agency cannot be held accountable or responsible for any incidents that occur between the booking client and the entertainer. The Ebony & Ivory Entertainment Agency represents professional self-employed entertainers but cannot be held responsible to liable to the quality and duration of the performances as booked.
  9. The Ebony & Ivory Entertainment Agency is a signature of the UK Data Protection Registrar.
  10. By booking an entertainer(s) via the Ebony & Ivory Entertainment Agency you are thus affirming to the Terms and Conditions as aforementioned.

The Ebony & Ivory Entertainment Agency will never pass or distribute any clients’ personal or financial information to any third party as in compliance with the 1984 & 1998 UK Data Protection Acts.