Kissograms are a great way to liven up any party and get the festivities really going, and can generally be tailored to fit any requirements you may have for a specific event.

The traditional kissagram is usually delivered at special occasions by hired performers that can be male or female, who are traditionally dressed up in a sexy costume such as a maid or a sexy nurse or a fireman’s uniform.

The message would be delivered with music sometimes, but always with a kiss.

These performers usually are part of an agency through which they can be hired to deliver the kissogram. However, there are performers offering this service that you can hire personally, who work for themselves.

Kissagrams were very popular during the eighties and nineties, but since then have gotten surpassed by strippagrams and hiring a regular stripper to take over many of the services a traditional kissogram offers. As strippers go further than performers delivering a kissogram, they became more popular quite rapidly but recently this has started to change. Currently the traditional kissogram is making a comeback and is gaining in popularity once again.

Male and female performers delivering the kissogram come in all shapes and sizes and the message can be delivered in several ways.

To an extent your imagination is the limit as kissograms can be delivered in many ways ranging from the traditional girl jumping out of a pie, to a policeman or woman delivering the message.

Kissagrams are suitable for all types of events and can cater to all age groups because they can be tailored exactly to the wishes of the person that is hiring the performer. Kissograms can range from delivering a message in style to a raunchy event, which is sure to liven up the party.

Usually the performer is a male or a female, but there are agencies that do offer transsexuals and drag queens to deliver the service.

Your choice is not limited to beach models and hunks either, as there are performers delivering the service in all shapes and sizes from your basic magazine cover looking model to an extra large lady, hunk or just the average guy next door.

Finding a kissogram service should not be a hard task as agencies providing the service are practically everywhere nationwide.

No matter where you want a kissogram delivered there will always be a service to deliver it nearby, and with the arrival of the Internet, finding, selecting and hiring a performer to deliver the kissagram is easier than ever before.